Organizations and Guilds


Assassins Guild
Beggars Guild
Guild of the Grain Merchants
Slayers Brotherhood
Sorcerers Guild
Thieves Guild
Whores Guild


The Lankhmar Press

Criminal Organizations & Gangs

Order of Independence – The group formed by Relocks Lockshine that has called for the characters to join in a ‘fight against tyranny’.

Churches & Religious Organizations

Church of the Book – The mysterious religious group who was once in possession of the the Eye of the Universe.
Church of the Beggar King – A small following of poor Lankhmar citizens look to Middark Amened for his word about the Beggar King, Goro’mosh.
Church of Aarth – The most renowned of all religions in Lankhmar. They are concerned with the rapid advancement of the Church of the Book.

Organizations and Guilds

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