Church of the Book

The Church of the Book is headquartered in a crumbling tower at he end of the Street of the Gods. The austere tower stands approximately three stories tall with the only windows being at the very top level. A large double door facing the Street of the Gods appears to be the only means of entering the tower. Inside, the first floor is a stark, open room with a large hexagonal statue at the center. The second floor is almost entirely destroyed, and only a few rafters and stone surfaces remain.


The religion remains fairly mysterious, even among the most diligent religious researchers. They appear to be very selective of who they accept into their order. What is known has to do with a certain obsession with hexagons. In any case, the church has found a strong following, even gaining followers of Aarth.

They were in possession of the Eye of the Universe until Relocks and his friends stole it under the direction of Karm and the Thieves Guild. There is obviously powerful magic within the church, as evidenced by the crystalline creatures that were guarding the Eye of the Universe.

Church of the Book

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