Relocks Lockshine

The Idealistic Thief


Personality: Impulsive, Vengeful, Sarcastic, Adventurous, Clever, Steadfast, Idealistic, Cunning
Profession: Freelance Thief


Always one to do his own thing, Relocks was never keen on joining a guild. He saw them as an unnecessary bureaucratic road blocks to prosperity. As such, he has spent a lifetime doing what he does best; pissing off the Thieves Guild. While exceedingly good at thievery, it is difficult, nay impossible, to go completely unnoticed by the Thieves Guild. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to recruit Relocks the Guild began a witch-hunt, offering guild members handsome rewards if they could catch Relocks stealing work from the guild. He was caught… a couple times… and now is walking a tightrope with the Guild while still holding strong to his ideals and shunning guild life. He did, however, decide that it may be a good idea at that point to find himself some allies in the city. Gerkh was the first amongst these allies, and he has grown to trust the oaf completely. He’s hoping he can find similar allies in Kiana, and especially Bansaro.

Relocks Lockshine

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