Gerkh Inus

The Mercenary


Personality: Cocky, Loquacious (Big Mouth), Simple, Dutiful, Companionly, Good-Natured, Jolly
Profession: Mercenary


He was always a man of simple needs. Food, strong drink, and friendship. Growing up in Lankhmar there was no shortage of the first two, but he always found the latter sorely lacking. Lankhmarts tend to be a hardened bunch, and the soft-hearted Gerkh just never really connected with anyone. This led him to dedicate years of his life to mastering swordsmanship and becoming a much sought-after hired-sword. It was in Relocks that Gerkh finally found the friendship he was looking for. Although the two are quite opposites in fact, the two men share an innate bond that neither can explain. Gerkh would do anything for Relocks, including trading his life for the thief’s.

Gerkh Inus

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