Fenyrn Genshal

The Barbarian Wizard


Personality: Jingoistic, Amorous, Enochlophobic, Curious, Brilliant, Quiet



Typically one to stick to himself, Fenyrn calls home a small hut near the East inner wall of Lankhmar. Originally hailing from the Northern Wastes where he apprenticed under a mysterious sorcerer by the name of Myaelotar, Fenyrn made his way to Lankhmar several years ago. Unlike his peers in the Cold Wastes, Myaelotar harnessed the elemental power of the earth instead of the snow. Fenyrn as a prodigal student, but often his fascination with civilization interfered with his studies. Fenyrn learned what he could from the sorcerer until his desire to study civilization won over. Fenyrn packed his things and left for Lankhmar. Deeply offended by this decision, Myaelotar swore to Fenyrn that should he venture back to the Wastes that the earth would consume him for his insolence.

He met Kiana Ylagia shortly after arriving in Lankhmar. He was interested in the concept of a courtesan and hired her for an evening. Between several bouts of carnal pleasure, the two discussed the mysteries of magic and the streets of Lankhmar. They formed a quick friendship and continued their rendezvous on a fairly regular basis.

Fenyrn Genshal

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