Guy Triston

The Bearded Bear




Agility d6 | Smarts d6 | Spirit d6 | Strength d10 | Vigor d6


Intimidation d6 | Streetwise d6 | Fighting d8 | Climbing d4 | Notice d4+2 | Persuasion d6 | Shooting d6 | Gambling d4 | Stealth d4 | Throwing d4


Heroic (Major) | Vow (Minor) Avenge Wife’s Death | Stubborn (Minor)


Alertness | Connections (Lankhmar Military) | Jaded


6”2” – 190 lbs. Large and well muscled. Full dark beard and brown eyes, obvious why they call him “Bear”


Quiet and brooding. He’s reluctant to act since his wife’s passing, but is stubborn and bullish once in motion.


Son of a guardsman and Northerner, he was a good, honest guard prior to crossing the guild and losing his wife


Born and raised in Lankhmar, Guy followed in the footsteps of his soldier father. With a solid head on his shoulders and a little nepotism, Guy quickly became a well like inspector for the town guard. Living his dream of helping others and wielding a fair hand, he was just beginning his own family. Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t be bought and he crossed the thief’s guild after thwarting several jobs and locking up a few too many made men. One night he came home to a ram shackled and empty home. A few blood stains indicated Fauna put up a fight. While he was still searching the home for clues, his front door was boarded and the house was set aflame. The message was clear enough. Days turned to weeks, solace at the bottom of a bottle never seemed to last. Resigning as a guard, he now pursues justice on his terms. He’s a soldier of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find him, maybe you can hire…this Guy.

Guy Triston

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