Bansaro Fairchild

The Assassin


Personality: Sadistic, Frightening (Ugly, Outsider), Nihilistic, Enigmatic, Sarcastic, Focused, Independent
Profession: Assassin


Hailing from the City of Ghouls, Bansaro came to Lankhmar to feed his hunger for human flesh. Deciding that in order to last more than a few days in the city he came up with a plan. He would join the Assassin’s Guild, murder people ‘on the up-and-up’, and eat the flesh of his victims. Oh, and what a plan it was. Bansaro established himself as one of the guild’s most deadly assassins, earning him the nickname ‘Death’s Hand’. He isn’t shy about his ghoulish body or his carnivorous appetite either.

Bansaro Fairchild

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