Savage Lankhmar - Knowledge Unbound


How They Met & Where They Leave Off

Respahlt ‘Relocks’ Lockshine is a crafty freelance thief in Lankhmar. Along with his faithful companion Gerkh, Relocks scours the city looking to profit from various heists and odd-jobs. Often times stealing the bounty from The Thieves Guild, Relocks has found himself in deep water with the Guild. The Guild has a conditional bounty on his head, meaning he either cooperates fully with them, or he is a dead man.
Gerkh, a simple, good-natured brute of a man unquestioningly follows Relocks. This loyalty stems from when they met. During one of his jobs years ago, Relocks freed Gerkh from a captor’s jail. Gerkh had been tortured, starved, and left to rot in a cell that fatefully resided in a dungeon of a wealthy and sadistic noble in Lankhmar that Relocks was tasked to plunder. It was at this time that Relocks not only found a lifelong companion in Gerkh, but also his trademark weapon Luckbrand.
The duo recently crossed paths with Bansaro Fairchild, the infamous ‘Death’s Hand’ of the Assassin’s Guild. Their fates intertwined when the Assassin’s Guild sent Bansaro to terminate a lecherous barbarian Kunkot who had been causing trouble with several courtesans of the Whore’s Guild. It seemed as though Kunkot had won more than a few enemies in Lankhmar, as Relocks was hired around that same time to ‘re-acquire’ several possessions that were in the barbarian’s abode in the Great Salt Marsh.
Unaware of the three other barbarians living with Kunkot, Bansaro ran into trouble during his job. As luck would have it, Relocks and Gerkh were casing the joint at the same time and saw a perfect opportunity to gain a powerful ally within the guild that would surely be hired to kill them should they find themselves under the attention of the Thieves Guild. After dispatching the barbarians, Relocks, Gerkh, and Bansaro scouted the camp and found an imprisoned courtesan named Kiana Ylagia.
This fateful convergence of four Lankhmar citizens from four different walks of life formed an uncommon alliance within the city walls. The friendship is indeed in its infancy, but the group has agreed that with cunning and cooperation, they have the opportunity to build a lucrative and secure life outside Guild control.



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